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Module Goals

This module aims to:
- introduce students to the theoretical principles of fabricating a removable partial denture, as well as to how to apply these principles practically by fabricating an upper and lower removable partial denture in the laboratory

- the development of students' ability to correctly diagnose any case of partial edentia and have an idea about the required treatment plan.

 Module Description

This module introduces the student to the stages of fabricating partial dentures and the different fabrication methods. The student, basically, decides the correct diagnosis of the condition and follows the correct procedures of fabricating the denture: examination of oral and perioral area of the patient, taking a preliminary and a final impression, taking a centric relation, recording jaw relation, arranging the lost teeth, whether in upper or lower jaw, heating, finishing and inserting the denture.

Module Syllabus

    Introduction to removable prosthodontics
    Definitions and terminology of removable prosthodontics
    Classification of partial edentulous arches
    Major connectors
    Rests and rest seats
    Indirect retainers
    Denture base considerations
    Principles of removable partial denture design
    Surveying the casts
    Diagnosis and treatment planning
    Preparation of mouth for removable partial denture
    Impression materials and procedures for removable partial dentures
    Work authorizations for removable partial dentures
    Initial placement, adjustment and servicing of the removable partial denture


Teaching Methods

Lectures and practical sessions


Assessment Methods

Homework, theoretical and practical tests.