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Module Goals

This module aims to:

  • Enable the student to know how to prepare and restore cavities in a laboratory using manikins
  • Introduce students to the techniques of restoration and prevention of dental decay.
  • Introduce the student to the advantages and disadvantages of various restoration options, including indications and contraindications for each type of restoration.


Module Description

This module includes dental tissues and their relation to laboratory applications, as well as dental decay (its causes and diagnosis). It also deals with restorative and protective dentistry in terms of its principles, diagnosis, use of tools and preparation and restoration of cavities.

The module also includes the techniques of restoration and prevention of decay as well as the materials used for restoration (amalgam - cosmetic fillings – glass ionomer cement fillings and its application - cast fillings). In addition, it deals with indications and contraindications of the various options for restoration and determines the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Module Syllabus

  • Composite
  • Techniques of composite applications
  • Amalgam Restoration
  • Types of cervical lesions
  • Glass ionomer cement
  • Errors associated with clinical application of Composite
  • Bonding systems
  • Teeth whitening
  • Composite as a restorative material


Teaching Strategies

Lectures and practical sessions


Assessment methods

  • Quick tests, individual question, homework, theoretical and practical tests. These constitute 40% of total mark.
  • A theoretical final exam constituting 60% of total mark.