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Course Objectives:

Orienting students with both daily and general English

Providing students with the skills needed for both daily and career-specific communication in English

Improving students’ reading، listening، and writing comprehension in English

The importance of the English Language in the different aspects of life.

The study of academic texts and how to analyze them.

How to write in English

General communication skills.

General grammar in English

How to develop your vocabulary



Terminology Etymology  & communication

تعريف بالمقرر وعلاقته بالتواصل

Basic definitions

تعاريف أساسية في علم المصطلحات

Word parts

مكونات المصطلح وتحليله

Pronunciation Phonation  & Intonation

قواعد اللفظ والتكلم

Forming plurals

قواعد الجمع للمصطلح



Roots Combining form

الجذور والأشكال المضمومة

Subjoined Roots

تابع الجذور



Terms of cells, tissues, organs &systems

مصطلحات تتعلق بجسم الإنسان

Body systems, planes, regions, etc..

نصوص طبية متعلقة بأجهزة الجسم وتشريحه



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