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  • To ensure that every university graduate has a TOEFL certificate in addition to their university degree.
  • To spread and implement the idea that obtaining a TOEFL score greater than 600 points (or equivalent in other languages) by the teaching staff and administrative staff, is a prerequisite for signing a contract with the universityزquivalent in the rest ity has TO.
  • To obtain the necessary licenses to open a TOEFL iBT authorized test center in the university.
  • To teach other foreign languages such as German, Russian, French, and Persian by securing the necessary teaching staff and other resources.
  • To coordinate with the university administration to allocate the Center an independent ward that includes: the director’s office, the office of the director’s scientific deputy, the administrator’s office, the secretary’s office, the teachers’ office, a library (for both hard and electronic books) and four language labs with internet access.
  • To prepare advanced language laboratories that can be used to conduct English placement tests via the internet.
  • To prepare classrooms equipped with audio-visual equipment and recording equipment for self-learning.
  • To reserve a place for the Language Center at the university council as the Center is an independent educational unit similar to the university faculties.