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The annual conference of the National Union of Syrian Students – Branch of Al Andalus University was held on Friday 8thMarch. Among the attendees were Darin Suleiman, member of the Executive Office of the National Union of Syrian Students; Head of the Private Education Office; Head of the IT Office; Haytham A'assi, member of the Leadership of Al-Baath Party Branch in Tartous and president of the Youths & Sports Office; Prof Dr Abdul Kader Martini, president of Al Andalus University; Dr Abdul Nasser Harfoush, president of the Board of Trustees; Prof Faek Badr, vice president for administrative and student affairs; Prof Abdul Karim Ayyash, vice president for academic affairs and deans of the university faculties.

During the conference some reports have been presented and discussed, and students have been offered the chance to discuss their issues (which have been resolved by the university administration). The conference was concluded by electing the new members of the leadership of the National Union of Syrian Students – Branch of Al Andalus University.

The university administration would like to take this opportunity to wish the members of Administrative Office and members of Students Boards good luck in their new missions, and to assure students that the university is standing shoulder to shoulder with them to rebuild Syria