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Al-Andalus Private University of Medical Sciences Participation in the Pharmacists Syndicate Syria conference entitled Pharmacy From A to Z
March 2-3 / 2017
Apamea "Rotana" Resort
Scientific themes included:
1. pharmaceutical marketing hub.
2. axis of scientific induction.
3. New in the pharmaceutical industry.
4. axis lecturers youth.

In the first axis Professor and former Minister of Higher Education and a professor gave at the University of Andalusia is currently Mohammed Amer Mardini valuable lecture about the profession of pharmacy between reality and ambition, and he referred to the existence of so many disciplines are open to graduates of the College of Pharmacy and through which contributes to pharmacists in providing the finest medical services
In the second axis, and which was chaired by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Harun, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Andalusia scientific session, Dr. Reem safety provided school at the University of Andalusia lecture on the value of the modified immune plants
And in the third axis Dr. Reem Harfouch presented a lecture about the effectiveness of antibacterial Syrian propolis in the glass also note the importance of involving the new generation of young researchers in this unique scientific conference, as the University of Andalusia co-sponsored the conference.