Student Assessment

 An overview of the assessment of student performance at Al Andalus University:

Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences welcomes hundreds of students annually. It also awards degrees to others, who needs to be ready to play essential roles in serving their society. Therefore, the university pays great attention to the welfare of its students and assesses and reassesses the quality of education it provides to them. It also evaluates how the education provided affects them throughout the time they spend at the university. In addition, the university follows up and monitor the scientific and professional activities of its students after graduation in order to utilize the acquired information to develop its education system.

As for the assessment of students’ activities and their development rates during their study periods, it is performed by statistically analyzing data in accordance to international standards, some of which are:

  • Oral and written examinations
  • The average of grades
  • Research seminars
  • Academic research: writing academic reports
  • Graduation projects
  • Performance level in foreign languages
  • Number of clinical training cases
  • Attendance of theoretical and practical sessions.

This data is processed and analyzed to assess the added value that the students have acquired during their study periods. This added value is represented in:

the rate of improvement in students' abilities to acquire the targeted skills and knowledge

the student’s relative ability to extract the vivid information that is able to affect and control the surrounding reality

confronting problems and solving them using an optimum academic approach.

Now that the results have been obtained, the outstanding students are awarded in order to encourage them to carry on their good work, and the idlers are warned in order to stimulate them to work harder to achieve better result