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توصيف المقرر


  • أهداف المقرر

سيعتمق الطالب بمهارات ومعارف اللغوية الإنجليزية المتقدمة اللازمة في دراسته وعمله الهندسي الطبي.


  • طرق التقويم

(40%) : درجة الأعمال.

(60%) : امتحان نهائي.


  • مفردات المقرر

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering; Fundamentals of Applied Photonics; Biomedical Sensor & Detecting Techniques organization of the body; Integrated knowledge of human physiology and pathophysiology; Basic understand of the structure a function of cells and tissues within our body structures and functions of the cell; General organisation of epithelium and glands; different types and functions of the connective tissues; General organisation of the nervous tissues; Muscle and skin tissues, bone marrow and lymphatic tissues. Cardiovascular system; Renal system, and some common disorders of the cardiovascular and renal systems.