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University message

The university aims at taking care of students scientifically, practically and educationally, and striving to achieve this in high quality and in accordance with international standards. It also insists on providing continuous training for the educational, technical and service staff at the university in addition to working to achieve an advanced position in the field of original and purposeful scientific research, which can be achieved only through the presence of: researchers - facilities and tools of research - funding - advanced information system , etc. This has been recognized by the University, and a clear scientific method has been devised for this purpose in order to provide educational and medical services with the highest quality over the generations.

University Goals

1- Raising scientific and educational level in line with the modern scientific development.

2- Exchanging experiences and information, and attracting migrant brains and encouraging them to return home.

3- Securing high-level local educational opportunities that allow students to pursue their specialization in international universities.

4- Cooperating with international educational institutions, and securing the faculty with outstanding scientific competence.

5- Encouraging scientific research, through cooperating with international research centers.

6- Improving the level of medical services offered to patients in Syria.

University Colleges:

First: Faculty of Dentistry

• This college was opened in the academic year of (2007-2008). The college grants a bachelor in dentistry after a study period of five years. The College has four clinics with (44) dental chairs for clinical training. Each clinic has a screen and a senor, as well as two panoramic cameras, two topography cameras, and two sterilization rooms. The laboratories of the college are equipped with all educational means of hammers, crutches, industrial devices, gypsum laboratories and compensation for under-clinical training.

• Four classes have been graduated with an excellent scientific level from this college. This is confirmed by the results of the national test, where the success rate in this exam was 72% for the academic year (2014-2015).

• Scientific Research: Stem Cells and Dentistry.

Second: Faculty of Pharmacy

• The Faculty of Pharmacy was inaugurated in 2007-2008. The college grants a degree in pharmacy. The duration of study in this college is five years. The College aims at preparing scientific cadres that contribute to raising the level of health awareness of citizens regarding medicines and the need to use them properly. The college is equipped with the latest laboratory and teaching supplies needed by the student. Four batches of college students were graduated, and the graduates are of a good scientific level. This was confirmed by the results obtained in the national test. The success rate in this exam was 70%.

• Scientific Research: Immuno-drugs and medicinal plants.

Third: Faculty of Medicine

• The College was inaugurated in 2011-2012. The college grants a degree in medicine. The duration of study is six years.

• The college has two buildings:

- The college building which contains teaching halls, laboratories, offices for the teaching staff, and other service offices.

- Al-Andalus University Hospital, which contains 133 beds, emergency rooms and 8 surgery rooms, as well as outpatient clinics in various specialties, radiology laboratories, medical analysis, etc.

• Scientific Research: developing the bio-artificial kidney.

Fourth: Faculty of Medical Engineering

• The Faculty of Medical Engineering was inaugurated in 2011-2012. The College grants a bachelor in medical engineering after a study period of five years. The college has multiple electronic and electrical laboratories that meet the educational needs of the college. The opening of the college was motivated by the need for medical engineers to work in hospitals and medical institutions for processing, maintenance, development and manufacture, these engineers are the hope for the future.

• The first class will graduate in the current academic year.

• Scientific Research: Development of Proton Tumor Therapy.

Fifth: Faculty of Nursing

• The Faculty of Nursing was inaugurated for the academic year (2015-2016). Duration of study is four years. The College aims at graduating nurses that are distinguished on a scientific and practical level, which complements the work of the doctor, and might even represent him/her in many cases. Therefore, the College has been equipped with the best training and study methods to achieve this goal.

• Scientific Research: Mental health and full recovery.

Sixth: Faculty of Hospital Management

• The Faculty of Hospital Management was inaugurated for the academic year (2015-2016). Duration of study in the college is four years.

• The college aims at graduating the scientific administrator who is confident and capable of making the decision and finding scientific solutions to the administrative issues facing his medical institution.

• Scientific Research: Affiliation and continuous development.