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al-Qadmous town of Syria belonging to the province of Tartus is located in the coastal mountain range lies on the road between Banias and Masyaf and keep track of the province of Tartous, overlooking the surrounding and the Banias Masyaf corridor, plains, mountains and surrounded by magnificent from each side of nature, follow them administratively 67 town and village and farm.

al-qadmous city of goodness and snow

al-Qadmous by their nature mountain charming and mountains covered with oak, pine and oak forests and the spread on the slopes and terraces of fruit trees such as apples, almonds, olives and other complementary to natural forests on the slopes of a scene fabulous, critical ineffable beauty, and site al-Qadmous great importance in the region are mediated by mountains, forests and towns on the peaks or in valleys and plains al-Qadmous produces various fruit and vegetables distinct types, the city enjoys a mild climate, beautiful in the summer, cold in winter and falling snowfall covers the city and the surrounding mountains.

al qadmus 1

al qadmus 2
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al-Qadmous in history

Named al-Qadmous that name in relation to God, the Phoenician al-Qadmous says Syrian ancient myth (that al-Qadmous rode the sea and began looking for his sister Europe who was abducted by Zeus and went from Syria to Greece and became a teacher and the deployment of the alphabet and knowing there) that the king or the Syrian god (al-Qadmous), in an area al-Qadmous number of archaeological sites such as al-Qadmous Castle which can be accessed from the old city by drawers stone relics. And it widened the popularity of the castle-day Saladin was a big affair as well as the Castle of the cave, and a number of buildings and cemeteries and archaeological caves that date back to ancient times.

Tourism in Qadmous

Beautiful cool climate relatively mild weather in winter and summer, where many of the tourist areas, archaeological sites and the citadel Qadmous site Mount Alqillon (Kaff al-Jaa village) and Castle cave and some archaeological caves. al-Qadmous linked to a modern network of roads and there are a number of high-end tourist transport companies that connect the city with a lot of Syrian cities, regions and resorts scattered in the area, and there is in Qadmous number of the most beautiful magnificent natural and tourist sites and is ideal for safaris and vacation and enjoy nature, such as:

    Forest Hammam Wasel
    Forest pili
    Forest Hill
    Forest Sourani
    Mount Forest Qadmous
    Girl spring mount (village Kaff al-Jaa)
    Ein Al Rayes
    Cemeteries and archaeological caves
    Castle cave
    Cadmus Castle

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