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Look to evaluate a college student at Al Andalus University performance

Receives Andalus University of Medical Sciences and graduated each year crowds of young people represent a key pillar in the community service.

One of the goals of the university is to monitor and assess the quality of education provided by the university and its impact on student performance since joining the university until graduation and then follow up with activity after graduation. And it is evaluating student activity rates and the process of its development during the study period to a number of standards and statements that are subject to statistical analysis, including:

- Exams Alhvoahaltharirih

- Average score in exams

- Seminars

- Research: writing scientific reports

- Graduation projects.

- The level of performance in foreign languages

- The number of training cases (clinical) Implementing

- Attend theoretical and practical sessions

After the study and treatment of this data could be the added value gained by a student during his university studies estimate. This value is to:

- The extent of the improvement in the capabilities of the students and their acquisition of knowledge and skills the target,

- The student's ability relative to extract information that can live to influence and control the surrounding reality,

- Confront the dilemmas and resolve scientific optimal way within the overall information base.

In the meantime, and during the course of this process is a reward outstanding students to encourage them to persevere and to alert them to the defaulters to motivate them to work seriously and to reach the best level.

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Bank of scientific research