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student affairs overview


Directorate of Student Affairs is considered one of the most university departments of friction and closest to the students, where based on their service and take care of their affairs, and everything related to the life of the school the student of things academic, social, recreational and healthy.

They include all matters pertaining to student life inside and outside the seminars, which have direct and indirect impact on the individual's physical, mental, psychological and emotional growth.

This Directorate of Student Affairs is working in Andalusia University to bring out the concept of student affairs from being a private Directorate registration and issuance of student documents to the concept of a broader and higher, and is to stand by scientifically student and psychologically and physically to instill a sense of belonging and positive in the community for life.

From here, the university introduced the single window system for organizing and facilitating all Papers, including service to a student who is in the end the goal and purpose.

D.m Ibrahim Ibrahim

Director of Student Affairs