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 andalus university rehabilitation and research center


Al Andalus Prosthetics Design & Manufacturing Center is one academic and applied facilities of Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences, it provides many important design and manufacturing services, under the supervision of specialist doctors and engineers, as well as research ideas, and the engineering directions that are proposed.

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Research Prospects

  • Designed and computerized test of prostheses.
  • Design and computerized test of Orthopedic devices
  • Intelligent control of prostheses
  • Computerized manufacturing of limbs and bio-prostheses
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Al Andalus Center for prostheses and Prosthetics operates under the supervision of the College of Medical Engineering and serves the practical side of the biochemistry and prosthetic mechanics of the Faculty of Medical Engineering, where the faculty members supervise the work of the Faculty of Medical Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine, And in cooperation with outstanding students

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 The center provides many services to the patients from the initial examination of the patient's condition, the design and manufacture of the prosthesis or the appropriate Prosthetic device and training to use it, the center also has a full workshop which helps in providing support and necessary maintenance

The upper and lower Prosthetics are designed in a traditional way, the design is also done in a computerized manner using 3D drawing software based on the dimensions of the installation area, and computerized manufacturing is being pursued using modern high-precision printing devices.

Current Achievements

The Center has started its practical activity by installing ten free prosthetic prostheses for nine patients who were amputated from under the knee, within the framework of the university's orientation to install 1000 free limbs for the university's auditors including different races and ages   and within different clinical cases and with different medical and engineering interests.

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