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Quarterly System

1 - divides the academic year at the College of Pharmacy at the University of Al-Andalus into two semesters, the first and second period of each chapter each / 16 / week.

2. College conducted two Amthanitin in the school year sets dates according to the annual calendar set by the University Council so that the first session at the end of the first quarter and the second session at the end of the second quarter include the first session and second exams decisions chapters according to the rules governing the exam.

The period of study

Duration of the study at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Al-Andalus five years.


Phases of the study
1 - the first phase (basic science)

Include the first two years, and in these classes are taught general chemistry, inorganic, plant biology, mathematics, general physics, pharmacy, computer skills in pharmacy and its applications, anatomy and tissues, Arabic, organic chemistry, physical pharmacy, physiology, animal biology, Pharmaceuticals, English language pharmaceutical, national Education, analytical chemistry, pathology, pharmacology and the history of literature and legislation, drugs, drugs, chemistry, biochemistry, biostatistics.

2- The second phase:

Include the third year, and in these classes are taught technology pharmacology, toxicology, parasites and fungi, public health, applied drugs, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology.
3rd Stage:

It includes the fourth and the fifth year in these classes are taught, synth drug, pharmaceutical microbiology, pharmaceutical community, automated analysis, hematology and immunology, biopharmaceutical and Pharmacokinetics, first aid, Industrial Pharmacy, graduation project, clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical hospitals, toxicology forensic, food chemistry, molecular Biology, nutrition and diets, media and marketing pharmaceutical, molecular medicine, pharmaceutical surveillance, clinical biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, biotechnology, inherent.

A - Graduation Project

1. Students distributed in research projects to determine the categories the College Board, the number of students to be between (2-5) students working under the supervision of a faculty members at the college. And it called the Faculty Council at the beginning of each academic year, faculty supervisors graduation projects.

2. identifies a faculty member supervising the graduation project subject to search or translation.

3. The graduation project is scheduled from the courses and the student must submit at the end of the research topic of the report discussed by the member of the faculty supervisor, and this discussion is a test subject to the provisions of the exams and other courses (except that it is limited to the oral exam)

4. Faculty Council puts other rules relating to graduation projects.
B - inherent

1- Inherent in the student follows in a pharmacy during the summer holidays under the supervision of the Deanship of the Faculty of Pharmacy and on three consecutive stages:

The first period for / 200 / hour after the end of the second school year

The second period for / 200 / hour after the end of the third school year

The third period for / 100 / hour after the end of the fourth year

2. Watching the student time on the inherent by his delegate Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the faculty members in the College of Pharmacy, and the student who has to prove his absence of more than three times without a legitimate excuse acceptable to the Dean of the College through the inherent referred to in paragraph / 1 / periods, that haunted additional period equal to the entire period during which he is absent.

3. Lieutenant student to acquire the private and ratified inherent book by the Deanship of the Faculty of Pharmacy and obtain a written notation of the pharmacist supervisor Mlazemth feels the start and end Mbacherth inherent in each period of the inherent periods mentioned in paragraph / 1 /.

4. Lt. student to write down the inherent book of all the recipes that he have prepared himself in the pharmacy according to the numbers in sequence and to mention how to prepare briefly, and codifies the inherent notebook necessary private and Mutalath for ready-made medicines and classified and most important Zmrha and their amounts and pharmaceutical forms .

5. The student book offers inherent certified by the Pharmacists Syndicate to college Deanship at the beginning of the first chapter of the fifth year and encloses Baldfter report from the pharmacist supervisor includes his observations on the inherent and student behavior during the attendant.

6. is inherent due to the decisions of the fifth year of success and a sine qua non for a degree in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and subject to the provisions of the exams and other courses, but subject to the following bases:

6.1 The exam inherent Bmrahltha committee formed by the faculty dean of the faculty members at the college on a number of its members should not be less than three.

6.2 being inherent exam in two phases:

The first stage: written in the courses: chemistry Alakakir- Chidlah- Pharmaceutics - aware of the influence of drugs, and the brand (50%) and a sign of success, which entitles the student to apply for the second phase 25/50 Twenty-five and are the first stage in the process exams.