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- Medical College of Engineering consists of the following sections:

Biomedical Engineering Kachtsa academician is the outcome of many scientific functions are distributed between basic science and pillar of mathematics, physics and chemistry as well as Applied Science Medical, both of the clinical application of diagnostic and therapeutic hand and engineering science applied analytical responsible for innovation of new solutions to new medical problems technically and my design on the other hand . Montm and begin the foundations of biomedical engineering analysis and study of medical problems, analysis and in-depth science-end design and technical innovation system as a medical problem. Thus we must study the technical material from mathematics, physics, chemistry, statistics and programming and physiology and functional knowledge of the functions of vital organs and functional anatomy that are fundamental sciences in Biomedical Engineering and the end of science specialist medical such as electronics and systems, medical diagnostics and medical devices for diagnostic, therapeutic, and compensation and rehabilitation, bio-control and mechanical devices bio-engineering, and hospitals and medical safety systems and thus are studying in the Faculty of Medical Engineering at the University of Andalusia medical specialist according to the following sections:

1. Department of Basic Science

2. bio-mechanics department

3. Medical Electronics Department

4. Medical Informatics Department

5. Department of medical equipment and hospitals Engineering

6. Department of Biomedical Sciences