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College Mission

1. raise the scientific and educational normalcy in Syria through the exchange of experiences and information and to secure a parallel planar with the global scientific environment for scientific environment. As well as securing a high level of educational opportunities allow students to pursue competence in international universities and in collaboration with world-class institutions and to encourage scientific research through the link global research centers in order to improve the level of medical services provided to patients in Syria.

2. The School of Pharmacy, academic program integrated to obtain a bachelor's degree in pharmacy and chemistry pharmacy college has distinguished educational laboratories equipped to train students seriously trained in various pharmaceutical fields of knowledge, and looks forward overall advancement of the educational level of students through the college to provide advanced with equipment laboratory for scientific research and the creation of programs for Studies Supreme.


College Objectives

Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Andalusia aimed at the following:

    Pharmacists and rehabilitation of preparation in terms of reference and pharmacy professions and provide all the necessary frameworks to cover the needs of development in the Syrian governorates to serve the community plans through pharmaceutical production and pharmaceutical services.
    The promotion of higher studies and scientific research that contribute to the development of pharmaceutical sciences, and cooperation with various health institutions and pharmaceutical to find solutions to the various issues facing the pharmacist in the Syrian governorates development so as to ensure the achievement of linking the university community logo.
    The development of the means of research and teaching and pedagogy, and the development of the scientific literature and university reference and made available, and the creation of laboratories necessary for scientific research.
    Contribute to the rehabilitation and training and continuing education courses for graduates of colleges of pharmacy workers in various disciplines pharmacy, whether in the public or private sector or joint.
    Encourage the various student activities and work on raising personal scientific student commensurate with the objectives of the university.
    The achievement of scientific cooperation between the college and various pharmaceutical enterprises in Syria and pharmacy colleges Arab and foreign in order to develop scientific research and graduate studies to rise to a global level.
    University of Andalusia granted leave degrees in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry after a five-year study in accordance with the quarterly system of the study plan attached.