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  • First Year


First semester

Computer applications in health

Communication skills 1

English Language 1

Fundamental of nursing 1

Applied sciences

Life science



Second semester

Fundamental of nursing 2


English Language 2


Nursing history, trends and issues

Organic chemistry


  • Second Year


First semester

Adult nursing 1

Clinical health assessment

Patho-physiology 1

English language 3

Pharmacology 1

Clinical and applied nutrition


Second semester

Adult nursing 2

First aid

Patho-physiology 2

English language 4

Pharmacology 2



  • Third Year


First semester

Maternity nursing

Introduction to nursing management

Health education

Developmental psychology

Emergency nursing

English language 5


Second semester

Pediatric nursing

Introduction to bio-statistics

Geriatric nursing

English language 6

Communication skills 2 (therapeutic)

Behavioral psychology


  • Fourth Year


First semester

Mental health nursing

Nursing management

Critical care nursing

Introduction to scientific research

Research project


Second semester

Community health nursing

Advanced concepts in nursing

Optional clinical skills and practices

Scientific research methods

Research project