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Article (6) - Al-Andalus University for Medical Sciences awarded at the suggestion of the Faculty of Medicine degree leave Doctor of Human Medicine. "

Their payments first college graduate at the end of the academic year 2016-2017.


Article (7) - The period of study for this degree six years of study and divided into two phases

           One two three years of study two stage pre-clinical and clinical stage.


Article (8) - College of Human Medicine based quarterly system along the lines of the following:

- The school year is divided in the first five years to two semesters for each / 16 / weeks.

- College Amthanitin two sessions in the school year and determine the duration Moaidahma according to the annual calendar that puts the University Council as being Examination cycle at the end of each semester includes courses that have been taught in both semesters take place.


Article (9) - allows for the fifth year students who do not have more than four subjects outcome exams

          This year, to progress to the Examination cycle complementary sets scheduled by the University Council are not allowed

          Their attendance in the sixth year only after success in all decisions of the previous five years.


Article (10) -tkon sixth year clinical study, which is being re-rotary in hospitals

Faculty of Medicine and affiliated teaching hospitals to government universities in the country and primary health care centers accredited by the Higher Education Council under the supervision of the department head or a faculty member who calls the department council. But the College Board to allow students to make a relapse this year outside the country in a university hospitals it supports.


Article (11) - the student attends during the sixth year of graduation project (Graduation Project)

             Under the supervision of a faculty.

Article (15) - have always been at the college is mandatory and must not be less than the required ratio always to advance to each of the exam theoretical or practical or clinical about 85% and the student is deprived of these exams to progress if you do not always achieve the desired ratio.


Article (16) - If a course consists of two parts, one theoretical and practical one (may include an oral interview and the work of the year) is allocated 60% of the mark set for the exam editorial and 40% for the practical part is required for the success of the student receiving at least 60% of the total score for a decision mark shall not be less in every part of the planned 40%.


Article (17) - A student may precipitate in a course that includes practical part that keeps the sign of this part if not less than 40% of the custom tag for this part are exempted in this case always on this decision, as it is to bring practical part based on written request of the Dean of the college at the beginning of the semester, which examines the present decision in this case calls for attendance and forfeited in the previous mark.


Article (18) - a student of the school year is transferred to the top of the school year shall be deemed successful if passing all the decisions taken by the student in the first semester and the second, and are successful students is arranged in all the courses according to the grades in the school year, transferred the student is considered a top school year if It failed as a result of the school year exams in four decisions of a maximum in the whole previous years.


Article (19) - A student may be suspended recorded for two consecutive quarters or three chapters non-consecutive for the duration of his stay at the university and is calculated from the regular period specified for the study of students at the university, but if the student ceases to study for a semester without requesting stop recording Versd student assessment deposit in all decis


Article (20) - the sixth year students is subject to two types of exams:

1. practical exam: Examination consists of clinical sessions are distributed as follows:

  a- Internal Medicine session and have a (7) and include the likes of Internal Medicine (5) times the skin and like one detective like one.

b- pediatric hearing and have (3) likes.

c- surgical pathology and hearing them (6) and includes the likes of surgical pathology and anesthesia (4) times the

And otic like one kind like one.

d- obstetrics and gynecology session and have a (4) likes.

Gross written exam: is the test of a national uniform for the students of the faculties of medicine in the Syrian public and private universities determine the conditions and the number of sessions and dates by the Ministry of Higher Education, and is distributed questions which by the likes of the sixth year sessions .. and calculates the sixth year rate on the basis of the written medical exam rate unified, in the absence of a student's success in this exam for two courses it re-sixth year.