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Rules governing time, success and graduation

Article (1): Teaching can be transferred from chapter to another in the same year, if necessary, with the approval of the Faculty Council.

Article (2): always in the Faculty of Medicine mandatory teeth in all years, where you specify always required percentage of progress for the exam theoretical or practical for any of the courses for (85%) at least of the total working hours, and in the case it did not achieve the required ratio is deprived of submission Subject.

Article (3):

First, it is the distribution of degrees courses which do not have on my part as follows:

    (25%) for the business year.
    (75%) of the theoretical exam.

Second, non-clinical degree courses, consisting of a theoretical part of my work and the last to be distributed:

    (60%) of the theoretical exam.
    (40%) of the business year, so that the distribution of the degree of work a year to:

- (10) degrees to test the middle of the season.

- (15) the degree of practical functions.

- (15) the degree of practical exam.

Third: The degrees of clinical courses consisting of theoretical part and a practical part and distributed to:

    (10) degrees to test the middle of the season.
    (25) the degree of clinical work.
    (15) the degree of practical exam.
    (50) the degree of the final exam theoretical.

Article (4):

    Non-clinical courses:

· Students sludge in the courses non-clinical entitled to retain a degree business year of practical part and therefore exempt from working on these courses, it can also bring business year for these decisions based on the written application submitted to the Dean of the college during the first month of the semester in which case calls attendance and loses the previous mark.

    Clinical courses:

The student must obtain at least 40% in the practical part of the Attny to apply for the exam theoretical.

Article (5):

Estimated each course mark (0) to (100) degrees and the decision is a successful student if he gets:

- (60) score at least in the exam schedule.

Article (6):

- A student who successfully completed all courses to Colloquium exam, including the graduation project, which is set by the college management message subject

- Not only students graduate after passing the exam successfully and submit project graduation message.

Article (7):

- General Provisions: All matters not provided instructions and rules Examination to the principles and provisions governing the exams at the University of Andalusia and to the Higher Education Council relevant resolutions of the subject.

Article (8):

- The successful applicant is granted in all decisions applied by the study plan parchment signed by the dean of the faculty and the university president and the Board of Higher Education defines a form of this certificate upon the proposal of the University Council.

Article (9):

The successful applicant is given in all the decisions applied by certified academic plan graduated signed by the Dean and President of the University and the student may certified temporary given the Dean or detect signs indicating the courses studied and marks obtained, and may be given the wishes of the students or graduates of the college certified by the reality of their records, including any of the data mentioned in these records in accordance with the instructions relating thereto.

Article (10):

Leave granted to undergraduate (DDS) of the following orders:

· Honors if the student earned-year average of 95 or more.

· Arranged franchise if the average of the year (85) below (95).

· Rank very good if the average of the year (75) below (85).

· Rank well if the average of the year (65) below (75).

· Arranged acceptable if the average of the year (60) below (65).