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Average quarterly system:

1. divides the school year at the School of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Al-Andalus into two semesters, the first and second period of each chapter each / 16 / week.

2. place overall three-Examination sessions annually determine the schedule according to the annual calendar set by the University Council so that the first session at the end of the first quarter and the second session at the end of the second quarter and the third is the exam session summer only include each of the first session and the second semester decisions examinations The third session summer may include decisions chapters according to the rules governing the exam.


Duration of the study:

The period of study to obtain ((degree in Biomedical Engineering)) five years of study.
Duration of study identifies master's degree in one of the branches of biomedical engineering (including curriculum pedagogy and practical training in accordance with the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering graduate system for at least two years and four years at the most and include conducting scientific research with a thesis.
Two doctorate specified in Biomedical Engineering and Science, each according to its competence in accordance with the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering Graduate private system that not less than two and not more than four years after the master's degree in the same jurisdiction and include conducting scientific research and write a thesis.


Rules governing time, success and graduation:

Article (1) - the right to move the College Board Teaching from season to another in the same year when necessary.

Article (2) - have always been mandatory in all the years and sets always required ratio to participate in the examination of any of the courses is 85% at least of the total hours of practical and theoretical and independently for each of them and deprives the student to participate in the exam scheduled if you did not achieve consistently required ratio.

Article (3) - Drhat courses are distributed as follows:

A- distributed theoretical courses marked only:

· 25% degree of realization of the year.

· 75% of Final exam.

B -tozaa degrees courses that contain a theoretical part and practical:

· 60% of Final exam.

· 40% degree of realization of the year, so that the distribution of the degree of work a year to:

- 15 degrees mid-term test.

- 10 degrees and practical functions.

- 15 degrees for the practical exam.

(C) the distribution of grades decisions process only:

· 50% mid-term test score

· 50% of Final exam


Article (4) - estimated exam each course from zero to a hundred degree mark. Successful student is the decision if he gets:

a. (60) score at least in the exam schedule.

B. Monitors student winning scores in the exam scheduled for the corresponding icon degrees obtained

According to the following table:




Estimate code


From 98-100


A +


From 95-97




From 90-94




From 85-89


B +


From 80-84








From 70-74


C +


From 65-69




From 60-64




From 55-59


D +


From 50-54




Less than 50




It was unsuccessful

D +, D, F


The decision is incomplete



Did not make the decision



- The student is given the degree of zero on the exam, which is absent for.

- The student is deprived of progress to the final exam with the decision of whether the absence of greater than 15% of the total number of hours prescribed by Article is the consequence of that decision (zero) and appreciation (Z) deprived.

- A student may precipitate in some of the decisions of the first semester and the second that the total does not exceed eight decisions to enroll in summer exam, so students can adopt in this chapter, the degree of work scheduled or competence commensurate with the internal regulations of the Faculty

- A student may precipitate (the decisions of the Chapter I and II) to advance to the courses in the summer exam is not eligible to apply for more than eight decisions.

- A successful student is considered to top the year when its success all the decisions of the lowest of the year.

- The student is transferred to the top year at the end of the summer session at Rsoppe to no more than four decisions all the minimum years.

- The student transferred the outcome of the first semester exams are entitled to download the decisions of the Supreme year so as not to exceed the number of courses which allows submitting more than four decisions.


Article (5) - General provisions: each subject unless the instructions and rules Examination to foundations and Conditions governing the exams in Andalusia University.


Article (6) - The successful applicant is granted in all decisions applicable in the undergraduate degree leave submitted to the study plan, a certificate signed by the Dean and President of the University and the Higher Education Council defines a form of this certificate upon the proposal of the University Council.


Article (7) - The successful applicant is given in all the decisions applied by the close study plan graduated signed by the dean of the college or on behalf of the student may be given a certified signed by the Dean or his representative revealed signs indicating the courses studied and marks obtained by, as It may be given to interested students or college graduates certified from the reality of their records, including any of the data mentioned in these records in accordance with the instructions relating thereto.


Article (8) - granted leave in the first Undergraduate