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Faculty of Medical Engineering based at the University of Al-Andalus average quarterly system:

1. The average quarterly system:

1. divides the school year at the School of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Al-Andalus into two semesters, the first and second period of each chapter each / 16 / week.

2. place overall three-Examination sessions annually determine the schedule according to the annual calendar set by the University Council so that the first session at the end of the first quarter and the second session at the end of the second quarter and the third is the exam session summer only include each of the first session and the second semester decisions examinations The third session summer may include decisions chapters according to the rules governing the exam.

3. Based on the internal regulations of the University of Al-Andalus for Science determines the internal regulations and the plan of study of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering in the following form:


2. College Message:

Medical College of Engineering in Andalusia Private University of Medical Sciences is seeking to set up a medical engineer high-efficiency scientifically and professionally and ethically, and to contribute to the deepening of the correlation society through closer cooperation with all sectors concerned with health issues and through strategic partnerships aimed at developing education and support opportunities for learning and professional development, also seeks to excellence in scientific research commensurate with the needs of the community and keep pace with global development.


3. Objectives of the College:

   Aimed Faculty of Medical Engineering at the University of Andalusia for Medical Sciences to the following:


First: In the academic field:

1. Prepare the medical engineer practitioner with high efficiency and perceived needs of the community and contribute to the provision of technical support for medical field of preventive and therapeutic for all citizens and qualifying students and provide them with a high level of knowledge in their field to keep pace with the progress of science and technology and global civilization.

2. create a biomedical engineer to pursue post-graduate studies specialist and doing scientific research commensurate with the needs of the community and keep pace with global developments in this area.

3. Preparation of specialists in various fields of bio-medical technology and provide them with a high level of knowledge in their specialty.

4. contribute to the advancement of scientific research in biomedical engineering and all scientific fields related science and conduct studies and various scientific research that contributes to scientific and technical progress in the fields of biomedical engineering, especially those aimed at finding solutions to the various issues facing the economic and social development in the community and the development of scientific research Science and technology in Medicine and Applied clinical and develop the spirit of work and scientific research collective graduates have to be a technical part supplementing and supporting the medical team contributor to the overall health of all insurance.

5. The development of methods and means of education and pedagogy in the areas of biomedical engineering sciences in line with the health needs of the community and keep pace with its development and in line with the global development and adoption of scientific and practical techniques necessary to do so in addition to developing academic literature and reference.

6. Work to secure the continuing education and training in the areas of faculty specialization and the creation of training courses and training and continuing education for graduates of the School of Biomedical Engineering and workers in various disciplines to develop medical and health services for diagnostic, therapeutic, and linking the university community.

7. develop the spirit of teamwork and closer cooperation with all sectors concerned with the health and technical matters in the community.

8. closer cultural and scientific links with colleges, scientific bodies and medical and health Qatari, Arab and International Engineering to develop scientific research and graduate studies.


Second, to participate in community service in cooperation with the relevant authorities in the following areas:

1. Develop system of medical equipment in the country to work to understand the existing and strive to develop it.

2. Work on upgrading the deal with medical technology in all fields, especially in seeking to train medical staff to deal with it.


Third, conduct research and scientific studies concerned with the development and discovery of new systems and techniques Hadithvi the field of medical devices, as well as Kudar hospitals.


Fourth: The graduate programs offered in the various disciplines of biomedical engineering science and scientific research that contribute to the advancement of medical science and engineering cooperation with various health institutions to find solutions to the various issues facing the engineering development.


Fifth: to provide a platform for continuous engineering education and contribute to the organization and holding of seminars, courses and conferences in various engineering and medical sciences.


Sixth: to contribute to the field of scientific publication and awareness through various versions of scientific periodicals and work to establish a scientific journal competence of Biomedical Engineering Sciences.


Seventh: access student in graduation comprehensive study of the English stage.