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Module Goals
The module aims at:
- Introducing the student to the methods of behaviour management in children pharmacologically and psychologically, the histological and anatomical characteristics of permanent and primary teeth, eruption times, and difficulties of eruption.
- Introducing the student to the necessary stages required to reach the right diagnosis of dental caries and developmental abnormalities of the teeth, to the bad habits and their effects on teeth and jaws and to the clinical stages to manage such issues.
- Teaching the student how to anesthetize children locally and regionally.
- Introducing the student to the methods of protection against caries whether by incorporating fluoride or sealants).

Module Description
The module introduces students to the methods of child behaviour management pharmacologically and psychologically in the dental clinic. It also enables students to distinguish between permanent and primary teeth, to learn about the problems associated with them and their supportive structures, to learn how to diagnose and manage these problems and to learn about the methods used to protect teeth (incorporating fluoride and pit & fissure sealant). In addition, the module introduces students to the methods of using tools (rubber barrier) and restorative materials used for children. The module also includes information about some dental traumatic injuries and how to manage them, about mixed occlusion and early orthodontic problems and how to manage them by space maintainers or simple removable orthodontic appliances. The module teaches students how to anesthetize children and provides information about how to deal with children with special needs. The students also learn how to admit children to hospitals, how to apply general anaesthesia and what cases to be treated in hospitals under general anaesthesia.

Module Syllabus
- Child psychological development and its relation to his/her adaptation to dental treatments.
- Eruption of primary teeth and related difficulties.
- Differences between permanent and primary teeth.
- Paediatric anaesthesia.
- Fundamentals of preparing dental cavities and stainless-steel crowns.
- Introduction to protective orthodontics and space maintainers.
- Rubber barrier.
- Fluoride and pit & fissure sealant.

Teaching Methods
Lectures and practical sessions.

Assessment Methods       
Evaluating student work during session and theoretical and practical tests.