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Module Goals
This module aims to teach students:
- History taking, the process of reaching a diagnosis and mastering differential diagnosis
- How to diagnose diseases of mucosa lesions, bone diseases, temporomandibular joint diseases, developmental defects and factors causing oral cancer.

Module Description
The module teaches students the methods of history taking, diagnosing the diseases associated with the oral cavity and learning the clinical situation of patients with infections, genetic disorders and bone diseases.

Module Syllabus
- Systematic investigation of the oral diagnosis.
- Common dental complaints.
- Different categories of oral lesions (white lesions, red lesions, etc.).
- Common medical complaints of dental interest.
- Systemic diseases of special considerations in dentistry (cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, nervous, endocrinal, hepatic, renal and gestational).
- Oral mucosa diseases and infectious oral diseases.
- Oral mucosa diseases and non-infectious oral diseases.
- Oral ulcers.
- Common benign mucosal swellings of oral cavity.
- Oral cancer.
- Bone diseases of radiological interest.
- Developmental defects of teeth and jaws.

Teaching Methods
- Lectures
- Practical sessions
- Videos and educational posters.

Assessment Methods
Tests on medical cases, individual questions and theoretical & practical tests.