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Module Goals

This module aims to acquaint the student with the rules of procedure of the Syrian Dental Association and the role of the forensic dentist in accidents and disasters

Module Description

The module addresses the logic of forensic investigation by using different concepts and steps starting with identifying and recording the case. Next, the evidence is collected, properly stored and then interpreted. Finally, the results of the investigation are documented. The module also addresses the groups of dental evidence and their types.

Module Syllabus
- Dental Law
- Rules of Procedure of the Syrian Dental Association
- The role of dentistry in the investigation and prevention of child abuse
- History of dentistry
- The forensic dentist and dental analysis
- DNA and forensic dentistry
- Physical abuse and forensic dentistry - the diagnosis of violence
- Unilateral versus bilateral skin lesions
- Legal issues in forensic dentistry
- X-ray techniques
- The right panoramic radiograph
- Computed Tomography versus Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Teaching Methods

Lectures using PowerPoint presentations

Assessment Methods
- Individual questions, quizzes, homework and mid-term tests. These constitute 25% of total mark.
- A theoretical final exam constituting 75% of total mark.