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Al Andalus University

For Medical Sciences

Anatomy and Physiology Course details



3rd Year



1st Term


Level 5



Code 43130














Medical Engineering




Compulsory Courses


Course Title

Anatomy and Physiology





















Actual Hours



Practical 4


Previous course






















Teaching Methods

Theoretical: lectures


Suggested level: 5

Year: third year





Practical: lab






















Course Materials

Set Textbook: selected by faculty administration at the university in


accordance with the course instructor.






Supplementary Course Materials: selected by the course instructor.



40 per cent Two Mid-term Exams




60 per cent Written Final-term Exam















Knowledge and understanding: students are to acquire the knowledge and




understanding of human body anatomy, its parts, and the function of its




various organs.

















Intellectual skills: by the end of the course students are expected to be


Aims and Learning

able to recognize body parts, and understand the physiology aspect of the


human body.



























Professional and practical skills: by the end of the course students are







expected to practically apply what they learnt during the course.








General and transferrable skills: students should be able to use biodiversity




in finding solutions to biology problems using engineering methods.








The course provides an introduction of the physiological and anatomical




aspects of the human body









The head, the neck, the limbs, the muscles, the bones, the joints, lymphatic


Course Description

cardiovascular system, digestive system, urinary system, kidney function,




system and

gas exchange, neurological system,







functional correspondence between various body organs, liver function




and pancreas, functions of the nervous system, controlling blood pressure




and volume.




























Anatomy and Physiology Course Description

3rd Year


1st Term


Level 5


Code 43130








1.Basic introduction: cells and their function.

2.Head anatomy




6.Bones, joints, knee

7.Lymphatic system

8.Digestive system

9.Urinary system and kidney function

10.Cardiovascular system

Body physiology field and its branches:

1.Mechanism of the respiratory system and gas exchange

2.Neurological system

3.Balance between body systems

4.Nervi motion system functions

5.Liver and pancreas functions

6.Controlling blood pressure and volume.

7.Lab sessions for all levels