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Module description

  • Module Goals

Students will acquire the ability to analyse and explain data related to strength of materials, and will also acquire knowledge and understanding in metals, their properties and the different factors affecting them.

  • Assessment Methods

40%: Class activity.

60%: Final-term exam.

  • Module Syllabus

Basic information in strength of materials – External forces and loads – Stress and strain – Basic assumptions in strength of materials – Tension and compression – Normal stresses – Tension and compression diagrams – Concept of hardness – Complete expansion and relative expansion – Deformation of elements subject to a normal force – Thermal stresses – Flexure – Torsion – Deformations caused by flexure – Shear and shearing forces – Compound loads – Study of moving joints, metal couplings, and stress analysis – Welding and stresses of welding joints – Medical engineering applications.