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au language center overview

 Language is the key in order to see the culture of peoples and civilizations and scientific progress that has been reached. From this vision, based on the outlook the long-term the University of Andalusia managing the development of the Language Centre in order to improve the level of our students in general and English and foreign languages, in particular, in line with the great scientific goals of the university, such as the establishment of Balbrooton treatment center, and the center of immunological medicines, the center of drugs and medicinal plants, and the center of the stem cells, ...., and in order to supplement the leading scientific centers of generation of graduates from this university who are fluent in English. 

  Language Centre is one of the independent modules at the University of Al-Andalus neighborhood of the six faculties of the university to, and keep track of his administration in their work directly to the supervision of the president of the university, which means the center teaches five foreign languages ​​at the university (English, German, Russian, French, Farsi).