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The book center is a unified service requirements Student Center in all colleges and is located on the third floor of the main building of the University.

The purpose of the center: to provide everything he needs a university student in one place the interest of time and meet the requirements of the educational process at the university.

Center consists of 9 major service outlets

1. Human Medicine and the Department of Hospital

2. Dental and Medical Engineering

3. Pharmacy and Nursing

Lectures provide full courses in the form of colored book as well as sheets, customized and delivered to the applicant in accordance with the specific date in advance.

4. Language Centre:

 It provides special courses and curriculum decisions adopted curriculum, in addition to references on demand.

5. Internet:

Internet provides outlets for students who wish to use it for the purposes of scientific research, browsing, and access to the site of the university and the center of the book to send a request to secure materials and lectures.

6. Services: provides a variety of applications as a service closet booking, booking airline tickets and other ..

7. medical and educational requirements:

Believes all it takes students from educational materials and tools especially practical lessons in all colleges.

8. stationery:

Believes everything he needs student stationery for all colleges tools.

9. Book Fair:

Believes another and the latest edition of the accredited colleges for all scientific references, and provide copies for those wishing to acquire a specific reference.