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Under the patronage of Prof Bassam Ibrahim, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Al Andalus University held it third scientific conference of the Faculty of Medicine on Thursday 14/11/2019 under the motto "Light is the Future of Life". The conference was attended by presidents of Damascus University, Aleppo University, Tishreen University, Al-Bath University, Hama University and Tartous University. Among the attendees were also the deans of the faculties of medicine at the above-mentioned universities, the president of the Distinction and Creativity Agency, the head of the Pharmacists Syndicate, vice presidents of Al Andalus University.

The conference started with a moment of silence as a gesture of respect to our martyrs, followed by the National Anthem of Syrian Arab Republic. Speeches by Prof Abdul Kader Martini, president of Al Andalus University, and Dr Saleh Ismael, dean of the Faculty of Medicine, soon followed.

Three speeches about the main topic of the conference, a research project about the Bioartificial Kidney, were delivered amongst other activities.

The conference was concluded by honoring the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research by Al Andalus University president.

The following is a media report about the conference broadcasted on the Syrian News Channel: