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Under the patronage of His Highness Imad Khamis, Prime Minister of Syrian Arab Republic, Al-Basel Exhibition for Innovation and Invention was held as a sub activity of the 60th Damascus International Fair on 05-15 September 2018. During the exhibition, 640 inventors presented 320 invention projects in many engineering, informatics, agricultural, environmental, medical, communicational, educational and artistic fields. Dr Mahmoud Ibrahim Rajab, a member of the academic staff at Al Andalus University, along with pharmacist Rafif Riyad Chahrour presented their innovative project “Integrally, combined with an adaptive source of electromagnetic radiation, the laser module, the system and method for multi-functional treatment of the oral cavity, including orthodontic treatment”. The principle and practical applications of this invention on clinical cases were patented in 2009. In addition, another patent was given for the manufacture of an integrated device prototype model in 2012. The invention was also patented in USA under US 61/978.733.

At the end of exhibition, a ceremonial celebration was held at Al-Assad National Library to honor the winning inventors. During this celebration, Dr Mahmoud Rajab and Pharm. Rafif Chahrour were awarded a gold medal for their invention in the medical field. Dr Rajab expressed his gratitude, thanked the sponsors and dedicated his invention to Dr Bashar Al-Assad, President of Syria, and to martyrs of Syrian Arab Army. 



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