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The periodic meeting of the Accreditation Committee was held on 10/05/2018 at 11:30 am in the Quality Assurance Center. The meeting was headed by Dr Abdul Nasser Harfoush, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and attended by Prof Mohammed A’amer Al-Mardini and consultants Prof Ahmad Mufid Subh and Dr Shadi Al-Azmeh. Members of the training team (Dr Eiad Khalil & Dr Rima Abbas) and auditing team (Dr Rula Alio and Dr Ayham Darwish) as well as Dr Ammar Ammar, manager of the university website, were also among the attendees.

During the meeting the latest updates were presented by both the training and the auditing teams. The current action plan, the main obstacles and suggested solutions were also presented. Prof Al-Mardini affirmed the importance of everybody's role to acquire accreditation, indicating that acquiring accreditation would positively affect every aspect of university life, including, and most importantly, the university ranking. The university library issue was discussed in detail, where a suggestion to establish an electronic library was made. In addition, Prof Al-Mardini affirmed the importance of establishing a university journal to publish scientific papers. A suggestion to establish a biotechnology centre was also made.

The issues of developing the human resources, offering training courses for university students and establishing biotechnology and stem cells labs were also discussed.

The topic of internationalizing the university was explored by Dr Shadi Al-Azmeh where he affirmed the importance of signing cooperation agreements with international universities and that there were plans to sign agreements with Chinese and Portuguese universities.

Many other issues such as spreading the accreditation culture, importance of module description, the necessity to finish the assigned tasks and appointing a person in each faculty to facilitate the work were talked about by Dr Darwish, Dr Alio, Dr Khalil and Dr Abbas respectively.