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Under the patronage of Prof Aatef An-Naddaf, Minister of Higher Education, the Faculty of Pharmacy at Damascus University, with cooperation of various public and private research and university bodies and associations, organized the First Scientific Conference on Pharmaceutical Creativity and Invention (CREATE) on 29-30 April 2018.

Al Andalus University has participated in this conference, as a golden sponsor, by presenting and distributing some of the cosmetic preparations prepared at the Faculty of Pharmacy to the attendees of the accompanying exhibition. In addition, members of academic staff at the faculty have given some lectures, headed a session and participated in a TV show about research and academic publication at Al Andalus University.

The activities of the conference and accompanying workshops were also attended by a number of the top-ranking students from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Al Andalus University.

Dean of the Faculty pf Pharmacy

Prof Mohammad Haroun